David Lee

Garden & Landscape Design

Garden & landscape design in Dorset

Specializing in garden design and larger landscape projects. This includes individual tailored planting schemes for both private and commercial clients. Designing for all types of locations from estates homes and gardens as well as modern architecture and developments. Along with an aftercare and maintenance service provided after installation of planting.

“Design is not just an artistic process, it’s an intellectual process”

John Dewey


Not sure what to do with your garden? A consultation service provided to discuss options to make your garden or empty space work for you. Focus on what species of plant will grow well in the space. How to reconfigure old and tired gardens with updated materials and ergonomic design suggestions.

Concept Plan

Though a process of incremental stages, the concept design is an important stage prior to going into the design process. The process includes examining the architectural and spatial constraints and lay out of the plot, and then to formulate a preliminary design and layout. The next stage will develop the style, layout, planting and materials suitable for the brief.


The creation of a design brief through an initial meeting with the client will to discuss the type of design layout and style. Building the preliminary design will instigate the design process, that will design a space with style, architecture, and the planting scheme.


Attention to the Horticultural aspect of the design process. The creation of planting schemes though an in-depth understanding of the conditions that plants will grow in. The application of colour theory, garden history and horticultural knowledge in order to design and create a tradition display of colour or a minimalist modern effect.

Local Business

I am based in Dorset and work mostly around the Dorset & Hampshire area. Find out more here.

The process

This link will take you to the page which describes the general way a project is handled from start to finish.


Here you can view some of my recent projects with an overview of the briefing and timeline.


A gallery of the beautiful images from my previous garden and landscape works.

“Don’t divide Architecture, Landscape and Gardens. They are one of the same”.

Fredrick Law Olmstead


My education and experience demonstrate my passion for gardens and architecture.

My artistic and intellectual interest has developed my professional practice.


Many years of working in the industry and lecturing has created a high level of professionalism.

Incremental professional development and working for high end clients and estate management has developed my praxis and CPD.


My experience and knowledge of horticulture and practical aspects of landscaping has equipped me to give good advice.

Consultation on how to develop a garden that will fit the needs and budget of the clients.


  1. You get in touch
  2. I will contact you within the day
  3. I will visit you within 3 – 5 days
  4. I will prepare and share a quote within 5 days of my visit
  5. You decide if it sounds like a sound plan
  6. Let’s go.  The start of your perfect garden may only be weeks away!